Where It All Started

We Know Grippers

Our story starts where so many others do, in a garage with a dream. We built our first end of arm tooling mounted to a wooden frame next to the family sedan. Our first shop wasn’t much bigger, but it did have less oil stains on the floor. We grew our offerings to include other equipment useful to robot integrators such as pallet dispensers and controls. We eventually made the leap to full robotic integration.

We may not be in the garage anymore, but we still bring the same passion to everything we create, gripper to robot. We will stop at nothing to make sure we create the best solution for your facility.

Modular Palletizing

Industrial Building Blocks

When we started integrating entire robotic palletizing cells, we noticed that a lot of patterns emerge. After countless hours of studying common layouts and load patterns, we developed what we call out CARBON System. Carbon is a series of pre-engineered platform modules for palletizing cells. These modules have been optimized to cover a wide array of layouts and load configurations.

The beauty in out CARBON palletizing cells is the simplicity it brings. What was once a complicated system, is now drag and drop. This makes lead times shorter, brings prices down, and most importantly reduces expensive install time. CARBON Cells typically install in less than a day.

Simplicity Delivered

Robotics Does Not Have to be Intimidating

The more the robotics and automation industry grows, the smaller the facilities we find interested in robotic palletizing. These companies need something that delivers unmatched value and simplicity. These are the reasons we developed the CUBE.

The CUBE is a self-contained palletizing solutions that ships as one unit, just like many other pieces of automation on a modern production line. The system has an every expanding library of patterns that allow you to type in your product info, and it does the rest of the work.  Using modern UX principles, setup screens are inviting and easy to navigate. LED lighting capable of millions of colors indicates the status of the system from anywhere at a distance.

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