Part and Electrical Diagrams

Our interactive spare parts site contains all spare part and electrical diagrams you will need for your equipment. A login is required to access your content. If you have multiple pieces of FOCUS equipment, your job number can be used to bring up a specific catalog.

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Parts Database

The parts database is a list of most of the available parts, as well as descriptions and (most of the time) images of the part. If you already have a FOCUS part number (FPN), you can use this database to view pricing. Pricing is subject to change, but reflects our most current pricing from suppliers.

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Support Ticket

Support tickets are the best way to alert us to any issues you may have. Using this system we can track issues from start to finish and document solutions that you may view at any time. Large files can be transferred, including videos directly from any modern smart phone. The knowledge base also contains common solutions.

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