Compact Palletizing

CUBE is a compact robotic palletizer designed to be a cost effective way to add palletizing to your production line. This machine is ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking to automate their packaging process without taking up too much valuable floor space. Investing in a CUBE robotic palletizing cell can help take your packaging process to the next level. It’s the ideal solution for any business looking to streamline their operations and boost their bottom line.

Available Options

The CUBE Palletizer has a few options to ensure it fits your application

  • Case, Pail, or Bag Tooling
  • Highspeed Safety Hardware
  • One Side or Dual Side Palletizing
  • Automated Pallet Dispensing and Conveyance
  • AMR Integration
  • Additional Infeed Conveyance

KUKA FlexPal
Palletizing Software

Using KUKA’s FlexPal software, modifying your stack patterns has never been easier. Free software on your PC can be used to edit patterns, and get rough simulations of the load before deployment to the cell.



FOS is our next generation solution that combines a 22″ vertical glass panel screen,  GuardLogix safety controller, Ignition Vision Operator screens, and cutting edge UX design to reduce the learning curve for new operators.


Operating a FOS enabled palletizer feels as intuitive as being on your phone. If you can send a text, you can run this robot.

Learn More About FoS

One Side

The most compact CUBE configuration, the robot picks from one line and palletizes to either the left or right side


  • Builds to Floor
  • Smallest Footprint
  • Entry Safety Scanner
  • Slipsheet Option Available

Both Sides

Palletizing to both sides, allowing for removal of completed pallets without interruption to production


  • Uninterrupted Production
  • Higher Practical Rates
  • Robot Zone Light Curtains
  • Compact Footprint


Adding a pallet dispenser and load conveyors improves the overall efficiency at a compact price and footprint


  • Integrated Pallet Dispenser
  • Pallet Conveyance
  • Muting Safety Scanner
  • Lowest Operator Interaction







The CUBE fencing folds allowing it to ship as a single handling unit that is just over 4ft x 8 ft, so when you want to think BIG, think small. Think CUBE