CARBON is a system of both pre-engineered and custom modules that make up a robotic palletizer cell. The modules of CARBON allows for not only quick quoting and low engineering costs, but also fast installation, reducing typical installation and down time by time as much as 300%. This is accomplished by reducing floor lagging, pre-wired quick disconnect cables, and testing done on our site. It also allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration if your requirements change.


CARBON is designed to be highly flexible, which means it can be easily reconfigured to handle different types of product formats and plant layouts. This flexibility allows businesses to quickly adapt to changes in demand, without having to invest in new equipment.


CARBON palletizers can work at a much faster rate than human workers, which can increase overall production efficiency. By automating the palletizing process, businesses can reduce labor costs, minimize errors, and increase throughput.


CARBON palletizers are incredibly accurate, which means they can place products on pallets with a high degree of precision. This reduces the risk of product damage during transportation and ensures that the products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


By automating the palletizing process, businesses can reduce the risk of workplace injuries. This not only protects workers, but it also reduces the risk of lost productivity and downtime due to accidents.


CARBON palletizers are designed to be compact, which means they take up less space in the facility. This can be especially beneficial for businesses with limited floor space.


CARBON inherently and uniquely offers the quickest installation in the industry, with typical installation completed in a single day. By minimizing the installation time, businesses can reduce the disruption to their operations and quickly get back to full productivity


FOS is our next generation solution that combines a 22″ vertical glass panel screen,  GuardLogix safety controller, Ignition Vision Operator screens, and cutting edge UX design to reduce the learning curve for new operators.


Operating a FOS enabled palletizer feels as intuitive as being on your phone. If you can send a text, you can run this robot.

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CARBON palletizers offer a range of benefits that can help businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase overall productivity. By automating the palletizing process, businesses can focus on other areas of their operations, confident that their products are being handled with the highest level of accuracy and precision.


CARBON Palletizers utilize our HALO LED status indicator mounted near the end effector. This bright indicator communicates to operators the status of the system from a distance, even in the least optimum lighting conditions. The wide range of colors it can produce helps operators quickly identify where in the process the palletizer is, or what specific issues need attention.

Let the HALO light the way to more informed and more efficient operations and production